EF#15 Children games Formerly and Currently, It’s About Nature and Technology

5167c1485a231_5167c1485b876Talking about children games, it would be very contrast when comparing between formerly and currently, especially when we are live in the village. Games are related to the media that are used. In this article, I’ll try to compare the difference in children games, ancient and present. Is there any difference? Yup, sure, every period will have their difference. The difference that really contrast according to my opinion is about the tools that they used. Times flow, tools change.

When I was child, it still fresh in my mind, how my friends and I was really happy play together, playing anything that can be played. Indeed, the toys that we had are really limited, but our environment fulfill many tools from nature and wide playground which we can do anything there. So that, every day is a new game, it make us be creative person and seldom to be bored because the games that we played are really varies. Time to play eagerly awaited. The games that are played by us are also not require our parents to spend a lot of money to buy this and that. We just need permission to play, then we will looking for a game by ourselves. Sometimes we play hide and seek, reach and run, rubber play, and many more which do not need a lot of costs, but requires considerable involvement of members. Interaction between children become very intense, making us get to know each other. Sometimes fight, but it did not last long. Children games formerly is close to nature, away from the cutting-edge technology.

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Ketika Trial Bertemu Error

trial_and_errorSalah satu alat transportasi yang akhir-akhir ini akrab dengan keseharianku adalah angkot. Jika menelisik lebih jauh, ternyata alat transportasi ini telah lama akrab denganku. Bagaimana tidak, tetanggaku yang telah ku anggap seperti pamanku sendiri adalah seorang supir angkot. Ketika masih kecil, aku sering sekali diajak jalan-jalan menggunakan mobilnya yang sering sekali berganti-ganti. Karena memang selain menjadi supir angkot, beliau juga berprofesi sebagai pedagang mobil, gampangnya makelar mobil. Aku akan senang bukan kepalang ketika diajak untuk jalan-jalan ke kota karena memang rumahku di desa. Hal yang paling ku senangi ketika ke kota, karena ketika melewati persawahan luas di desaku, aku akan bisa melihat banyak sekali bintang yang bersinar terang di perbukitan nan jauh di sana. Bintang di perbukitan? Iya, tak lama setelah itu aku tahu, ternyata mereka bukan bintang melainkan cahaya lampu rumah penduduk yang bersinar layaknya bintang di langit. Tak hanya di ajak jalan-jalan, seringkali aku juga dibelikan makanan di kota. Ada sebuah warung bakso yang begitu terkenal di seantero desaku, namanya bakso goyang lidah. Saking tenarnya, kalau kamu ke kota tapi belum beli bakso goyang lidah, itu sama halnya kamu belum ke kota. Begitu katanya. Sekarang, bakso goyang lidah sudah tak setenar dulu, sudah banyak sekali pesaing-pesaing baru yang menawarkan bakso dengan citarasa berbeda. Begitulah hidup, semua ada masanya.

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EF#14 – Take a Lesson from Upin Ipin Cartoon Series

Upin-ipin-dan-kawan-kawanHi… I am a newbie. For real, it’s so hard for me to tell about something in English, moreover it related with a community. I decide to join this community because of some reasons. The first, I want to explore my English ability, the second I really enjoy some articles of my friends that join BEC challenges, because the themes that given are really unique and interesting, the third, I just want it haha.

            Ok, on this 14th week the theme is about favorite cartoon. I choose Upin Upin because their life story is like us. Us? Yup, I and my twin sister. Coincidentally, I also have older sister, you can call her Ina that her character almost same like kak Ros (Upin Ipin oldest sister) and mbah (Upin ipin grandmother). Upin and Ipin live with their grandmother and their oldest sister in a village. Yup me too.

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