EF#14 – Take a Lesson from Upin Ipin Cartoon Series

Upin-ipin-dan-kawan-kawanHi… I am a newbie. For real, it’s so hard for me to tell about something in English, moreover it related with a community. I decide to join this community because of some reasons. The first, I want to explore my English ability, the second I really enjoy some articles of my friends that join BEC challenges, because the themes that given are really unique and interesting, the third, I just want it haha.

            Ok, on this 14th week the theme is about favorite cartoon. I choose Upin Upin because their life story is like us. Us? Yup, I and my twin sister. Coincidentally, I also have older sister, you can call her Ina that her character almost same like kak Ros (Upin Ipin oldest sister) and mbah (Upin ipin grandmother). Upin and Ipin live with their grandmother and their oldest sister in a village. Yup me too.

            Every episode of Upin Ipin will tell you about the life story of children that live in a village with different characters, religions, and ethnics. But they live in harmony. The stories are really close to our daily life, very easy to be understood, and full of lessons that can be taken in it. It’s so recommended to be watched by children.

            One of the story that really inspire me until now and I ever told about it in this blog using Indonesian language of course (you can read it here) is about future dream. Upin Ipin and their friends are given a homework by the teacher to draw about their future dream in a piece of paper. Every student is really excited to illustrate their stories.

            The next day, every student is ready with their drawing that represent their future dream. The teacher ask every student to present their drawing in front of class and tell about the picture. Mey Mey (the cleverest student in that class) want to be a teacher because she thinks that be a teacher will give much chances for her to contribute in education. Ehsan want to be a chef because he likes eat and cook so much, he often cooks with his mother regularly in his home. Upin and Ipin want to be an astronaut that can ride a rocket in outer space. Finally, it’s Fizi’s turn. Fizi is most shy student in that class.

            Fizi open his picture gradually. Every person in that class can’t understand what kind of profession that was drawn by Fizi, include the teacher. It makes the other student confused. The teacher ask Fizi, what is the picture? Fizi replied with confidence that it was a dustman. Yup, he want to be a dustman because he want to maintain the hygiene of his environment.

            Deg, I really surprised when I watch this episode. I never imagine that this cartoon will give so much lesson, especially for me. Beforehand, I always think that future dream is always related with something big and spectacular. So that, I always think that high position and bright career will provide many benefits to our environment. But it’s not always true because right now, there are so many people that have high position but give many suffering to others include the environment. So, the main lesson is every position or job is good when we responsible and passionate in it.

               Right now, we live in period that something without picture is hoax. So, I will show you the picture of us to prove that we are really twin sister. After see this picture below, do you believe me? 😀

I am on the right side

I am on the right side

25 thoughts on “EF#14 – Take a Lesson from Upin Ipin Cartoon Series

    • thank you so much because you have read both version haha 😀

      actually it’s not my type, tell about one story twice but I can’t think the other story that related with cartoon beside Upin Ipin

    • hahaha, sebenarny ada di postingan sebelumnya ‘bertambahnya kadar kemiripan’. tapi gpp deh saya posting lagi bira tambah tenar #plak hehehe. Tapi bingung euy mau ditaruh dimana, kan klo di kolom komen ga bisa nambahin image. saya taruh di bagian akhir tulisan ya mbak :D, semoga ga kapok berkunjung ke blog saya

  1. No wonder that the cartoon is so famous–they teach a lot of things. Upin Ipin is one of my favorites, too. I wish our country could make a show that as good as, if not better than, the cartoon.

  2. I also love to watch Upin Ipin, almost episode have something to teach to the children, I even use Upin Ipin How To Brush Your Teeth for my KKN project 🙂 Nice Post. Salam kenal 🙂

    • wah… nice experience, I absolutely agree with you, I hope our country will produce a serial cartoon that full of lesson like Upin Ipin soon because I believe our country can make it, maybe more 🙂

      • I ever watched cartoon “keluarga Pak Somat” in Indo*ar, “Sopo Jarwo” in MN*tv, were they produced by Indonesian? In my opinion, they were good but I thought that they should add more moral lessons not only just a comedy. Anyway, then we should proud that at least we have our own cartoon, even tough they have to be better in the next time

      • actually, I don’t know exactly who that produce those cartoons (Keluarga Pak Somat and Sopo Jarwo) and I agree with you, it must increase the moral lessons in it because cartoon not only to entertain but also to educate 🙂

  3. Upin Ipin is indeed packed with moral lesson, because the show is intended for children. Of course we can take benefit from everything. Being humble yet giving the best of ourselves, that is something forgotten in this era.
    Soo, twins eh … 🙂

  4. You are twins! Cool..
    It’s a great article to tell some stories in English.. Congrats, sister.
    I’ve seen the footnote of your twins images, are you become a founder of that link ?
    I’m so curious about it 😀

  5. I also watched the episode you told in this post. I agree with you that the story inspired many good things for the audiences. I wonder how is the feeling of having a twin 😀

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