EF#15 Children games Formerly and Currently, It’s About Nature and Technology

5167c1485a231_5167c1485b876Talking about children games, it would be very contrast when comparing between formerly and currently, especially when we are live in the village. Games are related to the media that are used. In this article, I’ll try to compare the difference in children games, ancient and present. Is there any difference? Yup, sure, every period will have their difference. The difference that really contrast according to my opinion is about the tools that they used. Times flow, tools change.

When I was child, it still fresh in my mind, how my friends and I was really happy play together, playing anything that can be played. Indeed, the toys that we had are really limited, but our environment fulfill many tools from nature and wide playground which we can do anything there. So that, every day is a new game, it make us be creative person and seldom to be bored because the games that we played are really varies. Time to play eagerly awaited. The games that are played by us are also not require our parents to spend a lot of money to buy this and that. We just need permission to play, then we will looking for a game by ourselves. Sometimes we play hide and seek, reach and run, rubber play, and many more which do not need a lot of costs, but requires considerable involvement of members. Interaction between children become very intense, making us get to know each other. Sometimes fight, but it did not last long. Children games formerly is close to nature, away from the cutting-edge technology.

When I’ve been adult, the tools that used by children to play currently are really different from formerly. The tools that are used very close to cutting-edge technology and away from nature. Extremely different to what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The technology, allowing them to play even if only their own, very minimal involvement of members or friends. It makes the interaction between one child to the other child would be very rare. The playground is limited to computer screen, tab, or hand phone. Creativity and physical activity be limited. It make children become uncreative and so easy to be overweight. Environmental awareness is also low because they are rare make interaction with their surroundings.

It’s not wrong according to the media that they used, both related to nature or technology. Because formerly and currently is different period. Times flow, everything change. Maybe if I was born in these days I will also do the same. The important thing here is the direction of the parents, how should they play. Parents have many roles, whether they will let their children only in their rooms alone or interacting with friends. Let a child play a game which just related to nature without involving the cutting-edge technology was not good, otherwise if only involves technology without introduction to nature is not good too. The combination of both will be very elegant so that our children know the function of a technology, don’t forget their habitat, and still socialize with their friends. By this way, our children will not lose their childhood and also stay up-date to the cutting-edge technology.

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